JANUARY, 17, 2022

Had a great experience with the psychologist. I would recommend their practice to anyone who needs psychological support. Try them out and you will not regret any session they offer. Tailor made treatment for your personal needs. Amazing!!

March, 10, 2021

I lost my Dearest Mom at the beginning of this year. As anyone would imagine, I became a subject of instant, intense and constant sadness and sorrow. The pain that came with grief almost felt like the end of the world for me. In my state of hopelessness, I had lost interest in everything. That is just to say the least.

The turning point in my grieving process started when my employer referred me to Lemmer psychologists where I met Crystal.

Through just four sessions which took place over the last two months, Crystal incredibly managed to help me develop and learn ways to navigate through my grieving process and refocus my outlook on life. She encouraged me to access pain and learn to live with it, She taught me to find comfort in good memories that my mother left behind, She made me understand that Mom maybe physically gone but Her spirit will forever be present. Through the technique of visualization, therapy brought me very close to acceptance.  Had it not be for Lemmer psychologists, I probably would have been stuck in a state of denial or even thrown my good social and professional reputation through excessive alcohol abuse in an attempt to “cope”. Crystal, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your non-judgmental, Sensitive and empathetic approach towards my case. You are an amazing soul and a good teacher. Because of you, I look to the future with utmost optimism and all intentions to preserve my Mom’s legacy by achieving my goals. Days will not be the same, but I am better equipped to deal with grief in a better way.

November, 24, 2020

I am a man aged 49 ,married with three children and also a professional engineering project manager. However I would like to thank God for Ms Crystal Lemmer who I happened to stumble on after some numerous incognito google searches. I really do not know where I would be now if I had not gone to seek help at her practice. I felt my life was in such a terrible mess as I had reached a point of complete desperation as I was overwhelmed with feelings of fear, anxiety, hopelessness and depression. I could not cope with my work pressure, finances and felt a lot of job insecurity. To deal with pressure I first turned to painkillers and then some prescription drugs to deal with my insomnia, anxiety, depression of which I remember vividly waking up every single morning at 4am to pop up some more pills. I had reached a point where I dreaded waking up to face the next day but because I loved my children so much I had to try to be strong to fend for them. As much as I wanted to live I believed was not gonna survive this situation.

When I went to see Crystal for the first time I felt so much care and love that I broke down to tears of which she already had a box of tissues to hand me. The way she listened to me I felt so free for the first time in my life to spit out everything out of my heart without any fear of judgement. When she told me that she would help me to get out of  this state I was in I could not believe how that will ever be possible for me.

She held various sessions with me and even when my funds ran out she gave me free sessions pro-bono via zoom. 

I followed all the homework she gave me and slowly I began to be more in control of my thoughts. I realized I was becoming more aware of my thoughts and had acquired strategies to flip the thoughts haunting me in my head by creating things that didn’t exist.

It was complete hard work for me which is what she had promised me at the beginning but now I feel completely healed. I am now living my best life and am enjoying every single moment of my life. I realize now that life is just but a gift. I have completely stopped taking the prescribed pills for insomnia, anxiety and depression for a couple of months now and I am still going strong. I feel renewed and it is a miracle just to be here and to give this testimony.

I highly recommend Crystal Lemmer for anyone experiencing any form of psychological challenges, be it stress. fear, anxiety or depression. Nothing is impossible with faith, belief and hard work.

Thank you.

Female client: September, 1, 2020

Going to Crystal Lemmer for therapy was the
best thing I did for “ME” 

As women we tend to always put ourselves last after all the more important things that always require our attention.  Crystal helped me come into my true power with her unique combination of listening and yet probing me to go away after the sessions and really think and work through the issues I was facing.  This method helped me realize that in order to heal from the therapy sessions I had to ask myself the hard questions and sometimes not like the answers.  I had to face myself and also face the issues I was having in a calm yet structured way, which then allowed me to gain the inner strength to move forward and in doing so embrace my uniqueness.
I really want to say to others “ sometimes you have to put everything aside and do what’s good for YOU”  and attending therapy with Crystal was exactly that. This is just a way to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for helping and meeting me when I was at my lowest point of need ! It is a miracle and a gift from above that I feel whole and happy today despite the circumstances around.

This is just a way to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for helping and meeting me when I was at my lowest point of need ! It is a miracle and a gift from above that I feel whole and happy today despite the circumstances around.

April, 19, 2020

I have so much to say I don’t think I’ll be able to express it all in one post, but Crystal has and continues to have helped me through difficult times in my life it’s actually incredible I don’t think I’ve thanked you. Thank you for all that you do. Highly recommended if you ask me.


December 22, 2019: Wonderful experience !

When I was at my lowest of lowest it was great to express my concern and to receive compassion and confidence in order to believe in myself again !!! True wonderful person !! Thank you so much for your help